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Flash DVD Ripper
File Name: dvdrips.exe
File Size: 1,345 KB
Version: 0.95
Release: 28-DEC-2008

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Price: USD 35.--

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  • Convert DVD to VCD
  • Convert DVD to SVCD
  • Convert DVD to MPEG
  • Convert DVD to AVI

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  • Flash DVD Ripper Free Downloads

    Click one of the below links to download a setup package.

    Download From Server 1 (dvdrips.exe, 1,345 KB, Ver 0.95)

    Download From Server 2 (dvdrips.exe, 1,345 KB, Ver 0.95)

    Download From Server 3 (dvdrips.exe, 1,345 KB, Ver 0.95)

    Download Video Converter from site 1 (videocon.exe, 9.93 MB, Ver 1.30)
    Download Video Converter from site 2 (videocon.exe, 9.93 MB, Ver 1.30)

    VCD Burner - burn VCD/SVCD from ISO, CUE/BIN, MPEG files.
    Download VCD Burner Now!

    All the downloads here are not full version, they are demo version for free trying purpose with features limited. It will only allows you selecting half of the chapters to convert. To get a full version without limit, you may consider ordering it.

    To make the software work, you computer must meet the following requirements,

  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT, 2003
  • Intel Pentium III CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • 1GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Sound Card
  • Mouse and Keyboard

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